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CUCCIO is Canada’s community of information technology leaders in higher education, working together to help Canadian universities excel through the innovative and effective use of IT. Incorporated in 2006, CUCCIO is the result of almost 40 years of information-sharing, collaboration, knowledge creation and advocacy among provincial and regional associations of IT leaders in post-secondary education. Today, CUCCIO is a non-profit, member-funded corporation representing more than 50 universities Canada-wide, who collectively serve over 90% of Canada’s university students.

CANHEIT 2014: Mutually Inclusive

CANHEIT 2014: Mutually InclusiveThe Canadian Higher Education Information Technology Conference (CANHEIT) is Canada’s premier Higher Education IT conference, overseen by CUCCIO, which brings together both the public and private sectors to talk about technology in the context of higher education. Read More

Bo Wandschneider

“This is a group of trusted peers and advisors. When trying to sell your ideas to others within your institution, being able to say what your peers are doing is very helpful. If you can bring CUCCIO out as an example – this is what I think, and this is what my peers are doing – that’s a big one. There’s an advocacy role that CUCCIO plays. Being at the table for the whole national digital infrastructure discussions – nudging things along from a leadership perspective – that was a huge step forward for us. It sets us apart because we’re national and we speak for a sector that probably hasn’t ever had a unified voice.”

Bo Wandschneider
Queen’s University

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